Real Estate During the Holidays


Hi. Linda Grigorian.

First, I’d like to extend, just in case I didn’t get a chance to reach out to you personally, a Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends, ate too much food, drank some wine. I ate too much food and drank some wine… it was a wonderful time. I hope you had the same.

Now, we have a couple more weeks until we head into another holiday and the question then I’m getting a lot now is, “Hey Linda, how’s the market going to be during the holidays?” Well, generally, it’s a good time home buyers and sellers and I’ll tell you why. A lot of sellers may choose to wait till after the new year to list their homes, which is fine, but for sellers who are listing their homes now we know that you are going to have less competition we know that we are faced with buyers who are serious, qualified, and ready to make a move now. It’s sort of a win-win situation for both parties involved. Not to mention homes decorated for the holidays look beautiful. They’re welcoming they’re warm, cozy… buyers really like that kind of stuff. So something to take into consideration. It’s a wonderful time of year. Let’s take advantage of it.

Give me a call, we’ll get together and talk about your goals.

Linda Grigorian.

Talk to you soon!

Video Blog – Pricing Your Property

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Pricing your home is an art.But let’s be completely honest and clear. I do not determine the price on your home, the market does.Achieving the best price is the result of both objective research and sense in determining how much a buyer will be willing to pay for your home.By preparing a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), we will clearly see a survey of homes currently for sale in your neighborhood and what homes are selling for.Price is the number one factor that most homebuyers use to determine which homes they want to view.The correct price will attract showings, generate more ad and internet inquiries which will generate offers and ultimately, get your home sold.Everything in the world is driven by supply and demand.Everything is negotiable.Remember, the market determines the price of your home. Let’s make it our friend, get your home sold and get that money in your hands!


i love l.a. !!!!!


“…It’s practically mine…”

A while back, I wrote about competition.

Multiple offers, buyers fighting, dirty looks, punches, hair pulling, name calling, whatever-it-takes…

It reminded me of my previous career. I used to cast for TV & Film and seeing these buyers eye each other at showings and open houses, listening to them talk about one another… people they don’t even know… it reminds me of the actors in casting offices.  You see, when an actor is in a room full of other actors who looks almost just like him, he has to weaken the competition. Gossip and assume. Psych them out! Throw them off their game.

“Oh I know the director and I practically have the part. This is just a formality.”

“Oh my God! Did you hear about Michelle’s?  How does she even have time to audition? What a tramp! She’ll probably sleep with the director.”

I overhear buyers whispering about other prospective buyers at open houses.

“Oh crap, they seem like they like the place!  I wonder if they will write an offer? Do you think it will be over asking?”

“Maybe we’ll do all cash” (Lies as they have only 20% but the others don’t know that, and now maybe they won’t bother writing.)

“Oh, my Realtor says this place is practically ours, the open house is just a formality.”

LA Weekly said we’re hot.  And let’s face it, we’ll take the compliment.

“L.A. Has 2nd-Hottest Real Estate Market in America” (click link below)