The market is showing signs of more balance between buyers and sellers…

Los Angeles Times real estate article states:

“Sales of previously owned homes — the vast bulk of the housing market — in June hit their highest level since October, according to a report Tuesday from the National Assn. of Realtors, and the supply of homes on the market is the highest it has been in more than a year.”

Inventory is rising, prices also continue to rise. The market is showing signs of more balance between buyers and sellers. A wonderful sign.


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Linda Grigorian, Vanguard Estates
So the California Association of Realtors recently did a survey of social media usage
for buyers and sellers who are looking into real estate. So about 44% were looking at
information on neighborhoods, suggestions from friends and things like that. About 35%
were looking at agent’s facebook if you haven’t visited mine, moment of shameless
plug, please go to estates. please be sure to like my page.
another resource was YouTube about 20% were looking at agents videos such as this. And
both buyers and sellers who are researching local agents, specific neighborhoods, trying
to get some tips on selling, some tips on buying those are wonderful resources.
So I would love to hear from you. What sites are you looking at? What kind of social media
are you engaged in such as youtube, zillow, trulia… some other websites. I’d
love to get your feedback on what kind of information that you would like to see
and get the help that you need. Linda Grigorian, Vanguard Estates. Talk to
you soon. 818-321-3311

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“Being a Well Prepared Seller”


“Linda Dye Grigorian
Hi Linda Dye Grigorian with Vanguard Estates
I’m sure you’ve heard
it a sellers that market out there inventory
still very low and the demand is extremely high
so wonderful this is a great time to put your home on the market
now a few things we want to go over: being prepared
is going to ensure smoother and more successful transaction
and prevent and sort of delay and some of the things we want to take into
first and foremost what is your ideal
sales price. no obviously that is something that like we have discussed the market
determines the price of your home it’s something we’re going to take a look at
with the CMA a current market analysis
and we will determine what is the best price for your home
second important question what is the absolute lowest
you’re willing to accept for your home now I know a lot of you don’t want to
think about
that right off the bat but believe it or not
if it is something that you already have in your mind
it will make negotiations a lot easier
and a lot less stressful. we want to talk about
any repairs or improvements that you are willing to make
that will also be a little bit of a change perhaps
on the price and what other factors for example your closing
date how long of an escrow do you prefer
and things like that. those are questions that we will need answered
right at the beginning so we are prepared
we are ready to go with negotiations
we will have no delays we don’t want to lose any buyers
because of delays in responses
to offers. So this is a wonderful market for sellers
it is definitely the best way to negotiate
by being prepared… so let’s get your house on the market
and let’s get it SOLD. I’m here to help you
and together we will make
your goals achieved. Linda Dye Grigorian with Vanguard Estates
talk to you soon.
Linda Dye Grigorian Vanguard Estates


Being Aggressive in an Aggressive Market






Hi Linda Dye with Vanguard estates. so here we are inventory is still low and demand is extremely high
sellers congratulations let’s go get your house sold buyers time to tap into your courage put on your boxing gloves
it’s gonna be a good victory but it’s going to take some strategic planning so we write your offer we’re gonna write an aggressive offer we’re gonna make sure it’s strong you sit you plan you pray you count the stars, you call your friends
you call your physic, you call your shrink we need to strategize. that’s the number one key I need to know what your bottom line what are you absolutely willing to pay for that property were in a market where sellers
don’t necessary counteroffer everybody and I hate to see you lose the property that we’re willing to pay more
money on just because you didn’t get a chance so don’t always assume that the seller will counter-offer if go on a low ball offer they just may disregard it and that’s not what you want so let’s be aggressive let me help you get what you want and get you in your home Linda Dye with Vanguard estates. talk to you soon

“Mortgages may be easier to get than potential home buyers believe” – L.A. TIMES

Do you want to buy a home but are concerned about not getting qualified?

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times a couple of days ago, “A new national consumer survey found that 56% of potential purchasers of homes say they’re out of the market because they don’t want to face the possibility of rejection by lenders. Even 30% of current homeowners believe that they wouldn’t pass muster today.”

FICO score requirements have changed

Debt ratios are more generous

Low down payments options are available

For the complete article, CLICK THE LINK BELOW:,0,242681.story#axzz30ICwMSRY











Sellers. So here we are… Offers in hand, ready to review. Now, let’s talk about the things we need to take into consideration: The highest price is NOT always the best offer. 1st: has the buyer been pre qualified or pre approved? In today’s market, offers without are generally not even considered. The down paymet? The contingency times? Length of escrow? 30, 45, 60… do they need to sell before they buy? What are the terms? Who will be paying or what? Inspections, transfer fees, etc. Once we have carefully reviewed all the information, I will help you determine which is the strongest offer and you will decide which one to move forward with.You accept the offer, I open escrow and we start the process of closing the deal.I am here to help.And together, we will get your home sold and GET THAT MONEY IN YOUR POCKET.  

Video Blog – Pricing Your Property

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Pricing your home is an art.But let’s be completely honest and clear. I do not determine the price on your home, the market does.Achieving the best price is the result of both objective research and sense in determining how much a buyer will be willing to pay for your home.By preparing a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), we will clearly see a survey of homes currently for sale in your neighborhood and what homes are selling for.Price is the number one factor that most homebuyers use to determine which homes they want to view.The correct price will attract showings, generate more ad and internet inquiries which will generate offers and ultimately, get your home sold.Everything in the world is driven by supply and demand.Everything is negotiable.Remember, the market determines the price of your home. Let’s make it our friend, get your home sold and get that money in your hands!