WHAT?! Interest rates are going up! Let’s get moving! (Literally)…

Well, here we are…

For the past couple of years, may of you have taken advantage of these incredibly low interest rates. Well, the time has come, they are moving up.

According to the LA Times on July 2, 2015, “Mortgage rates hit high for 2015; 30-year loan averaging 4.08%”.

What does this mean?! Well, it means get moving already! Literally. Buyers, lock down the rates and buy before they go up! Sellers, don’t forget, unless you are planning on moving into your car, you are potentially going to buy a replacement home. So, let’s get to work! And keep in mind, they more qualified, eager buyers in the marketplace, the more your home will be seen and have more potential, qualified buyers!

So, give me a call and let’s get to work!

LA Times article link: